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Vision: The City of Rockwall created the Art in Public Places Program with the vison of providing the residents with a communal, expressive activity that represents our past, present and future in a beautiful, creative, expressive and lasting multi-disciplinary manner.




Ginger Womble (Chair)
Susan Guzman
Ashlei Neill
Brook Roy
Chris Kingsley
Kindsay Carter
Kathy Howard


The Art in Public Places program was established to contribute to the cultural and artistic nature of the Rockwall area, fostering cultural awareness and enriching the public environment for both residents and visitors through the arts. The program celebrates the cultural, topographic and historical aspects of Rockwall as well as the quality of life, lifestyle and diverse character of the community. Integrating art into public buildings and spaces as well as contributing to civic pride are important aspects of the program. The program is intended to support, educate, provide and assist individuals with community activities in which public art plays a part.


The Art in Public Places program requires an organized and structured plan that defines the elements needed to implement projects resulting from this ordinance. This Master Plan is developed to establish a process, which could include the selection, purchase, commission, placement, funding, maintenance and insurance of works of art.


Rockwall Art League
Rockwall Philharmonic Orchestra
Greater Rockwall Youth Symphony
Rockwall Community Playhouse



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