Foxchase Spraypark
4475 Tubbs Road


Harry Myers Spraypark
815 E Washington Street


Hickory Ridge Spraypark
1910 Walnut Ridge






Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I turn the Sprayground on?
    To activate the spraygrounds press on the top of the white cylinder with the black rounded top on the sprayground pad. It will activate the water a few moments after you make contact with it.

  • What hours do the Spraygrounds operate?
    All City of Rockwall spraygrounds operate during warm seasons generally
    April – October, from 8:00 AM 9:00PM.

  • Is the water feature at The Harbor a sprayground?
    No, the water feature at The Harbor is not a sprayground. It is intended to be an art water feature for The Harbor.

  • Can I rent the Sprayground?
    No, spraygrounds are not rentable, but pavillions are available for rental by City of Rockwall residents. Rentable Pavillions...


Video: How to turn on the sprayground