Dog Park at Harry Myers

815 East Washington
Rockwall, Texas 75087

Call the Rainout line number below or click here for updated information:

Rainout Line: (972) 771-1281

The Dog Park at Harry Myers Park has plenty of open space for your best friend to run freely. The dog park has two fenced in off-leash dog play areas. One section is for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. There is also a common drinking water area for people and pets to refresh themselves.






Dog Park Rules

  • Owners or custodians of dog are legally liable for the acts and behavior of dog at all times. Anyone using this area does so at their own risk.
  • All dogs must be licensed and vaccinated.
  • Female dogs in heat not permitted in park.
  • Aggressive dogs must be leashed and removed immediately. Owner is legally responsible for damages or injuries.
  • Bag and dispose of your pet’s waste immediately.
  • Fill any hole your dog digs.
  • Children under 13 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Keep small children and infants under CLOSE SUPERVISION.
  • Dogs should be under voice control.
  • Leash dogs while entering and exiting park.
  • No smoking, food, alcohol, dog chews or glass containers.
  • No dog toys allowed.
  • No grooming pets in park.
  • No choke, pinch, prong or spiked collars allowed.
  • No bare feet.


Dog owners who fail to comply with the above rules can be cited and asked to leave.
City ordinance # 04-67