The Center
108 East Washington

Rockwall, Texas 75087


Hours of Availability

6 PM – 11 PM
3 PM – 11 PM


Lone Star Room Fees
$200 Deposit
$300 Service Fee (Includes security provided by Rockwall PD, set up & tear down,
cleaning service and tables/chairs )






The Center Rental Rules

  • Individuals and groups / organizations are limited to a maximum of twelve (12) reservations within a calendar year for the use of the facility.

  • Reservations cannot be made more than 180 days in advance and no less than (14) days prior.

  • All required paperwork, as well as final rental hours and payment, is due14 days prior to the rental (in person only). If payment is not received the rental may be cancelled and 100% of funds refunded.

  • The hours shown on your permit are the hours rented and reflect any “decoration” or “take down” time associated with your rental. You will not be allowed into the building before the rented time to decorate or prepare for your rental. At the end of your rented hours the only people that should be in the building is our staff . All other guests need to be out of the building by this time. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in loss of $200 deposit.

  • Decorations are not permitted on walls and/or ceiling. Nails, thumbtacks, or any other sharp object may not be used to attach decorations to the structure or to the furnishings. Only “painter’s tape” may be used. Glitter, confetti, birdseed, and rice, are prohibited in or around the building. Bubbles may not be used in the facility. Failure to abide by these rules may result in loss of $200 deposit.

  • Renters must remove all equipment and supplies by the end of their reservation time. The Parks & Recreation Department will not store nor be held responsible for any property or equipment left after the conclusion to the reservation. Anything left after 10 days will be discarded.

  • The Center does not furnish any utensils, paper products, or kitchen / serving equipment.

  • Tobacco products are not permitted in The Center.

  • Excessively loud entertainment shall not be permitted. Noise Ordinance Sec. 16-179—16-212.

  • The use of open flames will not be permitted on tabletops. The use of Sternos are acceptable.

  • Kitchen facilities are not to be used for food preparation. Food must be pre-cooked.

  • Fog machines will not be permitted for any event held at The Center. Use of a fog machine will result in loss of deposit.

  • Only one electronic device may be plugged in per power outlet. *More than this can trip the circuit breaker.

  • The maximum number permitted in the Lone Star room according to the fire code is 216 seated, 426 standing . *If this amount is exceeded, Rockwall Police will assess safety and possibly end the rental immediately.

  • Renters must comply with all applicable facility rules and regulations, as well as all City, State, and Federal laws, ordinances and policies. Failure to do so will result in loss of deposit.

  • Renters reserving The Center will be accountable for all guests attending and shall be responsible for all damages to the facility and / or equipment, which occur as a result of the reservation.

  • The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel a reservation at anytime. This shall include the right to terminate a reservation during the activity if conditions are broken.

  • If no damages occur during rental time and the renter and guests adhere to all rules and regulations then deposit will be returned.

  • The $200 deposit will be returned to the contract holder within 21 days of their reservation if paid by check/cash or 2-3 business days if paid by debit/credit card.