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To ensure fiscal responsibility to the citizens while providing competent, quality service and information to the external and internal customers of the Finance, Municipal Court and Utility Billing Departments.


In 2001, The City Council of Rockwall adopted a series of financial policies. The purpose of these policies is to ensure consistency in the City's financial processes. The policies relate to revenue, expenditures, and fund balance. For details on the adopted policies, click on the link below.
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The City of Rockwall City Council provides financial support for eligible community programs and events under Title 3 Local Taxation, Subtitle D, Chapter 351, Municipal Hotel Occupancy Taxes, Subchapter B; Section 351.101 in exchange for advertisement promoting Tourism; the Arts and historical preservation projects held inside the Rockwall city limits.
Rockwall Hotels Page | Hotel Tax Form


State of Texas Property Code 6 "Unclaimed Property Code 76" requires that any unclaimed money for last 3 years must be submitted for public display.
Unclaimed Property


Hotel/Motel Funding Application
W-9 Form
Organization Chart


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Reqquest For Proposal - Concession Operations
Expires on 05/16/2023
The City of Rockwall is soliciting proposals in order to identify individuals and/or businesses qualified to operate and manage concession stand to be located at Tuttle Sports Complex and possibly other Rockwall Parks during special events. This RFP is designed for those interested in creating a contract relationship to operate a privately-owned portable concession stand at the above-mentioned City of Rockwall parks.
Proposal Packet


Vendor Application
This form is not an offer or proposed contract reagarding the sale of goods or services to The City of Rockwall. The City of Rockwall does not guarantee or in any way imply that any business transactions will result from this form being completed and submitted by a Vendor.
Vendor Application Form


Surplus and Unclaimed Property Auction


HB 914 Disclosure of Certain Relationships
Disclosure of Certain Relationships
Conflict of Interest Questionaire


The City’s Purchasing office uses several means of soliciting competitive prices for all goods, materials, supplies and services. They are as follows:

It is the vendor’s responsibility to contact the City’s Purchasing Agent for any information regarding the bidding process. If the vendor is a participating vendor of #2, then they will be automatically notified by this bid solicitation service that the City has items out for competitive bid.


Rockwall Appraisal District is responsible for the fair market appraisal of properties within each of the following taxing entities:

  • Rockwall County
  • City of Rockwall
  • Rockwall Independent School District
  • City of Royse City in Rockwall County
  • Royse City Independent School District
  • City of Heath
  • City of Fate Rockwall County MUD #1
  • City of McLendon-Chisholm
  • Verandah MUD
  • Rockwall County MUD # 6
  • Rockwall County MUD # 8

Rockwall Central Appraisal District
841 Justin Road
Rockwall, TX 75087-4842

Phone: (972) 771-2034 or (972) 635-9351
Fax: (972) 771-6871

Rockwall County Appraisal District Website



Mary Smith
City Manager and
Director of Finance

Misty Farris
Purchasing Agent


Donna Allen
Accounts Payable

Lisa Frausto
Inventory Control


Gretchen Delgado
Payroll Clerk


Rockwall County
Texas State Comptroller