Municipal Court


Municipal Court


To provide a forum for justice to ensure that all citizens served by the City of Rockwall Municipal Court are treated fairly and equally while following the guidelines provided for due process of law. To properly administer this function, the Court must schedule offenders wishing to be heard by the Judge to appear before the Court, adjudicate the trial, collect the fines and fees from those found guilty, and issue warrants of arrest where the offender has not paid or appeared in the Court.

The Rockwall Municipal Court is responsible for the adjudication of State and City ordinance violations which are classified as Class C Misdemeanors. The court conducts hearings and trials, collects fines, issues warrants, and reports convictions for offenses which occurred within the City of Rockwall. The following information is furnished to assist you and answer any questions.


The City of Rockwall Municipal Court
2860 State Hwy 66
Rockwall, Texas 75087
Phone: (972) 771-7788 | Fax: (972) 771-7739

Note: When using a GPS, enter 2860 Williams St. for Directions.

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm
The Municipal Court observes the same holidays as other City Offices.


Fines (English)
Fines (en espaƱol )
Deferred Disposition
Juveniles/Minors with - Alcohol/Tobacco Offenses

On-line Payments

Payment of fines may be paid online. Payments for the Driving Safety Course or Deferred Disposition that have been approved by the Judge may be paid online. If you meet the state qualifications for the Driving Safety course or Deferred Disposition you may do that by mail or in person at the window during business hours.

Cases for juveniles may not be paid online. Payment may be sent by mail or you may pay in person during business hours.

Dress Code / Court Rules

Court Appearance
Assignment of Bond Form
Discovery Request
Records Request
Defensive Driving
Motion for Continuance


The following is posted in compliance with Texas Government Code § 37.003:
Lists of Attorneys Ad Litem, Guardians Ad Litem, Mediators, and Guardians.


All attorneys who are qualified to serve as an attorney ad litem and are registered with the court: None.


All attorneys and other persons who are qualified to serve as a guardian ad litem and are registered with the court: None


All persons who are registered with the court to serve as a mediator: None.


All attorneys and private professional guardians who are qualified to serve as a guardian as defined by Section 1002.012, Estates Code, and are registered with the court: None.


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Order Vacating Previously Issued Standing Orders
01 - Courtroom Decorum
02 - Fine Schedule
03 - Payment of Fees & Fines
04 - Payment Plans & Extensions
05 - Driver Safety Course
06 - Deferred Disposition for Moving Violations
07 - Deferred Disposition for FMR
08 - Court Settings & Continuances
09 - Pretrial Discovery
10 - Statutory Compliance Dismissals



Where do I find an approved Driving Safety Course?
The driving safety courses are provided by private industry therefore the courts can not recommend any particular school. You may check the yellow pages for your area under driving schools to locate one near you. You need to inquire at the school if the course they teach is approved for the dismissal of traffic offenses.

Defensive Driving Courses. This link provides e-filing with the Rockwall Municipal Court after you have already requested permission from the court to take the Driving Safety Course and the Court granting it. You can request the Driving Safety Course with any company of your choice as long as they are certified by the Texas Education Agency.


What violations may be dismissed upon compliance?
The violations below may be dismissed with a 20$ administrative fee.

• Expired Registration
• Expired Driver’s License
• Failure to Report Address Change

If you provide proof that the violation was corrected within 20 business days of the issuance of the citation the above offenses may be dismissed with a $20 administrative fee.

The violations below may be dismissed without a charge upon presentation of valid insurance or driver’s license to the court.

• Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility ( No Insurance)
• Fail to Present Driver’s License Upon Request

The above offenses may be dismissed without a charge upon presentation of valid insurance or driver’s license to the court.


I received a citation for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance) but I had insurance at the time I just did not have the proof. Can I have the citation dismissed?
You may have this violation dismissed for no charge upon presentation of proof to the Court that the vehicle was covered at the time of the violation. Proof must show: the vehicle, the beginning and expiration date of the policy, policy number, and name and telephone number of the agent issuing the insurance policy.


May someone else come in and pay for my citation?
No, only the defendant or their attorney may make payment at the court without prior appearance before the judge. After judgment has been rendered payment may be made by another person.

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